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LittleGrabbies is an independent blog created by one human and her pets. We noticed a lack of well-researched and carefully put-together resources for tiny animals, and we want to help change that. 

So many pet blogs and websites just repeat what they see on other blogs and websites, which creates a harmful cycle of misinformation. And this cycle often results in mistreated, unhappy, and unhealthy pets, often despite their owners’ very best efforts.

As a blog writer by day and a pet obsesser by night, I wanted to combine my two biggest interests and skills into one place. And so, LittleGrabbies was born! We’re on a never-ending journey to learn everything we can about small pets, and we would love for you to come along.

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Discover the truth about gerbil care and debunk common misconceptions in this informative article. Learn how to provide the best care for your gerbils, including habitat requirements, balanced diet, social interaction, and veterinary care. Set the record straight and become a knowledgeable gerbil owner.

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